“I am an artist. I am here to shape the inner worlds.”

Anna Montalto

Visual Artist and painter



Italian artist, she begins her career with a high school diploma at Liceo Artistico, with a specialization in graphics for advertisement. She starts working in visual arts, including advertisement, painting, digital illustration and photography, creating a connection between them.

A continuous push to look for the Self and endless trips in the human soul are brought back to an exploration of styles and a molteplicity of vivid emotions in Anna Montalto’s works, which tell her intense way of perceiving Life through beauty.

Her debut is in 2008 with her first exhibition in Cagliari, she takes part in several collective exhibits in her homeland and abroad. She participates to various events and artistic projects, moving to Spain and Mexico where she refines and broadens her interest for mural painting.

Anna Montalto’s art is movement, exploration and evolution. With a spirit of continuous research, a dynamic personality and an unstoppable curiosity she experiments and expands her competences and artistic skills day by day, freeing her inspiration to give shape to her creativity.

Lingua 100%
Idioma 100%
In progress 70%
Interview for CP Magazine: ISSUU.COM