JANAS.  In the tormented night, when the white sea foam breaks through the darkness, little feet are dancing on the boundless sand. They are the “Janas”, Vestals of the Sardinian mythology, graceful fairies that inhabit rocks carved like the body of a goddess. Sacred women, Moon’s worshipers which derive their name from Diana, goddesses of the wild femininity, ladies of the woods, avengers of injustice, queens of birth and growth.
Emitted by a spark of divine power escaped to a distracted God, the “Sardus Pater”, they conquer the human dimension while disguising themselves as women. They are the first Sardinian inhabitant welcoming the people of the sea and their wives, to whom they teach the art of weaving with the precision and patience of their descendants, the bees.They are mythical creatures , guardians of immeasurable riches; kindhearted and friendly girls are also
extraordinarily beautiful , capable of marking the destiny of the men giving luck or misfortune .