Festival De Dia De Muertos Juchitlan Jalisco

Since I fell in love with Mexico I jumped at the opportunity to return to us on the occasion of an invitation received for the participation in the Festival De Dia De Muertos Juchitlan Jalisco.

The Day of the Dead is the most important holiday in Mexico, their tradition is full of stories, art, colors and curious details.

Juchitlan is a small village in Guadalajara, fresh and in the middle of the mountains, the people are exquisitely welcoming and the peace and quiet of the country immediately made me feel comfortable giving me a certain nostalgia because of familiarity with my homeland.

The Festival was planned for a collective themed exhibition to which I was able to meet various emerging and non-emerging artists; each of us then devoted ourselves to specific activities.

I had the honor and pleasure of working at the art therapy workshop with the master Art Nery Munoz,to participate in the creation of the beautiful mural of Ivan Ocs at Tecolotlan Cemetery and, personally, I brought a presentation to the preparatory school (representing our high schools) on the transculture of death in Italy. Specifically I spoke about Sardinia bringing my works of the Goddess Mother and the Accabbadora,thus telling the cultural transformation starting from the Neolithic, to domination, to is animeddas, coming to the present day.

The story of s’Accabbadora was obviously the highlight of the presentation, this unique figure in the world caught everyone’s attention.

I left room for questions that were not few;

has attracted a lot of interest and participation from everyone, both young and old.

Anna Montalto
The one who ends up. The Accabbadora was a figure in the history of Sardinia who practiced euthanasia until a few decades ago.

It was interesting to discover together the cultural differences but above all the many similarities inherited from Christian and Spanish domination.

Traveling I noticed that on the other side of the world almost no one knows the little Sardinia, I was so pleased to bring a little bit of our history so far.

I made my speech in Juchitlan and Tecolotlan, a neighbouring country. In both parts were extraordinarily hospitable, they gave me flowers, gadgets and offered their yummy coffee and pan de muertos. The boys were very attentive, polite and involved. They were actually the ones who organized the whole event, coordinated by the masters and helped by the villagers who hosted us in their homes.

A wonderful initiative, 360-degree art, music, dances, poetry, fashion shows.

I was a judge of the parade of the Catrine and the exhibition of the ofrendas made by the schools, each class has set up its own in the square, explaining to us jurors the history, tradition and honoring the chosen deceased.

The collective was also very beautiful and interesting for the variety of artists and the theme so wonderfully folkloric. I breathed and experienced a lot of art, shared experiences, stories and creativity. A wonderful experience, I love how this country lives and enjoys the concept of art.

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