Wilder Spirits

For some, knowing what is their totem animal is almost an innate process. It’s as if they’ve always known, inexplicably drawn to the animal or having a special feeling for the animal’s energy.So..what is your animal Totem?

Fox as a spiritual animal teaches you how to get around obstacles and how to figure out a way out of any tricky situation.

The bear spirit animal symbolizes dominion and authority, and being larger than life. It signifies respecting the laws of boundaries and standing tall against adversities. Invites you to be in touch with the earth, and to understand the cycles of nature to experience healing in your body, mind, and spirit.

Deer: Only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.

Allow your personal integrity to guide you in this situation. Know that it is safe for you to stand in your own truth. Crow

The Wolf spirit have big appetite for freedom, sharp intelligence and deep strong connection with instincts and intuition. Can be represent also a perceived threat or a lack of trust in someone or in yourselfs.